Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Is Your Default Life Like?

It can be very easy to default into habits that severely limit you and your success in life. Some habits help you survive and thrive for a time, but then become limiting or destructive to your purpose and progress, whereas some habits become unproductive from the start. For examples, addictions to drugs, food, exercise and adrenaline or narcotizing activities such as television and gaming can take time away from your purpose and you go into default mode.
Your own brain can ambush your efforts. It is making new neural connections at a rate of about a million new connections per second, and unless you intentionally decide what you are going to be, do or have, your brain makes all these connections by default.
This leads me to ask two questions, first, what is your default lifestyle? Do you awaken at the same time every weekday, have the same routine, do the job, have about a dozen meals you cook all the time, and when you think about what you’d rather do you can’t think of anything except that you don’t want to keep doing what you are doing. Your brain has wired itself into a comfort zone so solidly that you can’t think yourself out of it.
Second, do you ever find it hard to think beyond what you already know or to change what you already do? It can even feel painful to try to think outside the neural box your brain has stuffed you into. This is like the gym membership you don’t use, or the great thing you might start and not fully finish.
Is this what you want?
Self-leadership Tip: I want for you to change one habit that is holding you back. If you are a gossiper, become a complimenter; if you waste 20 minutes on a break, cut it to 10; if you arrive late, come early and bring a book—create one positive change for your life. What will you do to change one of your default settings into a self-directed positive? Just do it.

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