Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Here’s How to Get an Extra Two Weeks a Year

How would you like to have an extra two weeks of time each year to put towards your personal success? It is amazing how time adds up --and wastes away. One study found that the average US citizen spends 20 minutes a day looking for their keys, executives spend 40 minutes a day looking for a piece of paper they had a while ago. I will show you how 10 minutes a day adds up to a week per year.
Say the average month has 20 work days time 12 months = 240 work days a year. This multiplied by 10 minutes a day = 2400 minutes which is 40 hours: a whole work week. Ten minutes per day equals a whole work week per year.
Consider this. Depending on who’s numbers you use, every minute you spend planning saves between three and twelve minutes of execution. A fifteen minute daily planning time can save you 45 minutes to three hours a day, which equals at least 4.5 weeks per year —sounds pretty incredible? How can you take advantage of this phenomenon?
There are two sides to this coin. First, what in your day can add up to at least 20 minutes a day you could save? Second, what will you schedule for at least 20 minutes a day that will lead to your success as a daily habit?
How can you eliminate what you tolerate?

  • Cut 10-20 minutes from a long conversation.
  • Teach others to clean up after themselves.
  • Focus on what you can control.
  • Use a daily checklist daily checklist to keep on track.  
  • Unclutter and organize things that waste our time.
  • Politely set better boundaries with people and situations that waste our time.
  • —Continue with your own items…

Self-leadership Tip: Lead yourself into saving 20 minutes a day, how will you use this 20 minutes every day to your advantage? This gives you two weeks…

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