Tuesday, February 22, 2011

True Entrepreneur vs. Business Entrepreneur Defined

In coaching business people, I find that there are two types of entrepreneurs. You have the Business Entrepreneur (Business E) who is basically a good business person who has learned to do entrepreneurial things. Then you have the True Entrepreneur (True E) who is driven to do entrepreneurial things because either they are born this way or they develop a personality for it.

How do you tell the difference between the Business E vs. the True E? Here are some of the usual (but not always) characteristics of the True E.

• High energy, optimistic, enthusiastic
• Can be decisive, forceful and impulsive, everything is urgent
• Big Picture focus, hate dealing with details and paperwork, disorganization is common
• Frustrated easily, and especially if losing time or control, can become angry or belligerent
• Generally are very likeable, but misunderstood, relationships are often strained
• They enjoy living on the edge, which can wear out the people around them
• Highly competitive, and always play to win
• They see risk as opportunity and adventure, enjoy high risks that others would avoid
• They have more ideas than time and resources to develop them
• Old research: True E’s fail 3.8 times before they succeed; failure is the price they pay for their education, and they rise from the ashes to the next opportunity
• They are sought after for their excellent sales abilities. 93% of highly successful (read $ix-figure) sales people are True E’s

Many more characteristics (both positive and negative) of a True E have been identified. I have written articles, and there are books if you are interested in learning more. The True E’s have been studied to the extent that they have a testable and easily identifiable profile, especially useful in hiring champion salespeople. I use a personality test (assessment) that allows you to identify a True E profile in just a few seconds. The True E personality is truly amazing. Find helpful entrepreneurial info at http://www.mackarrington.com/goodies.htm

Self-Leadership tip: If you have the characteristics of a True E, it is normal to feel a mix of excitement and adventure along with a sense of being different, misunderstood and at times alone. 
Question: Do you believe entrepreneurs are born, or developed?

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