Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oops – Your Integrity in Getting a Job

Hard economic times try our courage and integrity. With so many looking for work and often in desperate straights to find a job, it is easy to find qualified people to fill a position, but when times get better, will you be able to keep them?
On the one hand, you need a job to pay your bills. On the other hand, turnover reduces the company stock price by an average of 38% - this is very expensive to employers. Both are looking for ways to survive. The candidate just needs a short-term job until something better can be found, the employer needs a productive long-term employee for the continuance and profitability of the company.
In the interview process, both put on their best face. Both want the process to work in their favor. As employer, if I hire the wrong people, then I have to deal with troubling factors such as their impact on the rest of the team who has to cover for them, with the loss of service to customers and prospects, plus all the time I have to spend managing this person who just does not fit. As candidate, what does it do to me to take a job to survive, knowing that I don’t plan to keep the job?
Self leadership tip: If you need a job, focus on the ones you would want to keep.
Question: Is it really ok for people to take a job to pay their bills when they know they will leave as soon as they find something better?

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Stephanie Thomas said...

It is possible to take a job you plan to leave when something better comes along but then decide you like it and end up staying. It happened to me.