Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where did all the money go?

Where did all the money go? In all the hardships we have endured in the past two years of what is being called the worst depression since the great depression of the 1930's, what happened to all the money?

Where did all the money go?
Did it just disappear, or did it go into somebody's pocket?
Who do you think would know?
Is it sitting in a stash, or in accounts where they could sock it?
--Whoever has it, sure is keeping quiet.

Where is all the money now?
It's not in my small business, and are my taxes due?
What will my government allow?
If I cannot pay them, then is my business through?
--And the government have to pay my employees with more money it does not have.

Where must all that money be?
Who got us into this, and what is their lame defense?
Did they care anything for you or me?
Or were they greedy in the fullest sense?
--Somebody made out like a legal bandit, but legal does not make it right.

Where does the money need to go?
To those who carelessly spend, and will spend more than before?
Are they not reaping what they sow?
They spent it all, why do they demand more?
--In the end, the thrifty and frugal worker ants save the foolhardy grasshoppers, again.

Where will the money give benefit?
Can the poor invest, or spend it all and still have need?
Will the rich give jobs, or simply get?
Who will save us, will we take heed?
--We have trusted until we trust no more.

Where will the money finally fail?
Some things have no price, without a price how are they bought?
Where will you find your life for sale?
Where in eternity will you be caught?
--We have come to think it is the money that saves us by buying us what we want and need. It’s not the money.

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