Friday, August 19, 2011

Never Ever EVER Stop Networking for Your Next Job or Opportunity, Or Else

I have heard the similar story from so many of you. Things happened that you did not expect, you found yourself out of work or out of business, then you finally found the opportunity your wanted, life was getting back to normal, and then you got laid off or things fell through. Again.

I understand because five times I have been downsized, smart sized, laid off, department eliminated and all the other terms that mean your life is thrown into chaos because you suddenly have no income. There is life after such upheavals, but you can't just sit and wait for the world to recognize how talented or needy you are and come to your aid. This is what friends are for... What?

Yes, most opportunities are found through your network of business and personal friends. We assume they know what we need if we are out of work, but they don't unless you get clear on what you want and teach them. Note I said teach them. If you teach them you want a job, then any old job they send you is a favor. Why not teach them to send you the opportunities you truly want to have?

If you want a better job, you better teach me what that means for you. If you just got a new job, you better teach me to keep looking out for your next job. If you own a business, you better teach me to help find your next customer or your next star employee. You also better teach me what you don't want or else I might point you to the wrong opportunities.

And you have to do this by networking with me, and with all the other important folks in your network.

How bad can it get? I had a neighbor who moved clean across the country to start his new job. He paid to uproot and move his family, buy a local house, get the kids in school and get ready to go to work. He showed up for his first day at work to be told that his job had just been eliminated.

The lesson here: Never ever EVER stop networking for your next job or opportunity. Teach your network what you want and also what you don't want.

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