Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Attraction Factor 6: Affect Others Profoundly

You are going to affect others around you anyway, why not affect them profoundly? The more you touch others in a positive and significant way, the more attractive you will become—but how to do this?

It is amazing that many people comment about my deep questions when I ask what they want to achieve or do to make life count for them. To me, this is a normal question you’d ask someone you care about. How can I help you do what is really important to you?

We affect each other when we are real, helpful and responsive to each other. It’s about calling forth the greatness, wisdom and experience of each other. It’s about noticing and acknowledging the effort, struggle, failure and success in each other’s life. It’s about speaking the truth you see in ways that are respectful and constructive. It’s about connecting your head and your heart together because no matter what your head says, when you lose heart, you lose.

I don’t believe anyone gets enough appreciation these days. How about affecting people who don’t get much appreciation? About every week for over 15 years, I make a lunch run to the same Taco Bell, and Hannah has always been there with an infectious laugh that spreads the joy all around. I have gotten to know the whole lunch crew there, and at the end of my burrito, I make it a point to go back to the counter and thank them. Sometimes I kid about how fat I’m getting or whether Tonya or Justin makes the best burrito. It has a profound affect on me too.

When have you noticed a salesperson who was particularly helpful in a store? How about the chef at the restaurant or the cook at the burger joint? The school teacher or professor? The dental hygienist? A family member? Have you made it a point to tell them how they make a difference for you, and thank them?

What are some ways you can profoundly affect others as you go about your day?

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