Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Universities Bankrupt by 2020?

If you take a look at this video: EPIC 2020, ( http://youtu.be/5gU3FjxY2uQ ) you will see an astounding proposition, a prophecy of sorts, that predicts a radical shift in education by year 2020. This shift could mean the demise of most universities brought on simply by the demand for developing and employing talented people faster and more effectively than a 4-year degree program can produce—and the education of 2020 will be FREE, financed by businesses who already pay huge fees for the "head hunters" to find the talent they need.

For the students caught in the transition and saddled with massive education loan debt, will they riot in the streets because the debt-free upstarts are taking all the good jobs? How will the universities compete and what will they offer to "stay in business" and pay for their expansive buildings that will stand empty? How will the professors find work once their primary courses are offered online for FREE? How will some parents feel when their 15-year old child gets an offer of employment for more money than the parents make? How will others deal with their children having no job or good prospects? Will Apple and Google really emerge as the global players in this war for talent?

Your comments? 

Attraction Factor 9: Get a Fulfilling Life, Not Just an Impressive Lifestyle.

A great life is attractive, but an impressive lifestyle is usually seductive.

Sometimes I am amazed by how few options people feel that they have, or how they've rarely considered how they might life their life differently. Identify what about your life isn't really you at all.

If you're living paycheck to paycheck to support your lifestyle, your lifestyle is too expensive. You're trapped in it; you must keep working in the job you have in order to afford your lifestyle. If you're living wonderfully, yet close to the edge, you can't really afford to progress in some very important ways, and you probably won't be as attractive.

We tend to buy-in to the advertising that indicates success: the house, car, trophy spouse, etc.  Most people haven't really chosen their lives. I fell into a career path that led me to be a Senior Graphic Designer before I woke up one day and realized I hated my job. I began a search and found coaching as a choice. See that you have choices too, identify what is natural and healthy for you, even if not normal for others. Stop trying to find fulfillment in objects. Stop acquiring so much stuff. Find what has meaning to you.

Identify who gives you life, and who are merely players in your lifestyle. Identify who adds joy and energy to your life vs who merely supports, entertains or assists you.

Why don’t you take a look around and find someone who has a life you find attractive? Offer to treat them to lunch or something, and ask about how they chose the life they have, what’s important to them, what they want to do or change in the future. See their joys and sadness, learn what you can, and start making your own life fulfilling.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Attraction Factor 8: Become Irresistibly Attractive to Yourself

I coach a lot of people who start out feeling unattractive whether they are unattractive or not. This usually is very frustrating and gets in the way of your goals and flow in life. I believe inside everybody there is a good kid who wants to come out and play, to love and be loved.

Remember this: you can’t see yourself as others see you. Your coach sees you like nobody else sees you. A good coach is usually pretty good at spotting your personal attraction factors.

Feeling that you are attractive to yourself, without being cocky and prideful about it, is attractive. I mean, do you really want to hang out with people who are always down on themselves? If you don't feel attracted to yourself, others will have a harder time feeling attracted to you.

Sometimes, to start/spark the Attraction process, you'll choose to do something that makes you feel incredibly good—maybe joyful—about yourself, even if it makes no sense to others. Sometimes you choose to take care of yourself in a special way—ice cream sundaes and swimming do this for me. What do you find attractive for you, yourself, to do? How do you love yourself in ways that really matter?

[We look] for happiness in possession of the external - in money, a good time, somebody to lean on, and so on. We are impatient, hurried and fretful because we do not find happiness where we look for it. -John Dewey

Look for attraction factors in who you are, in who you set yourself to become, not in things or other people. I note a difference between being happy with yourself vs being done with evolving yourself. Keep evolving.

And if you’re ever coming by my way, how about we meet for ice cream or something?