Thursday, December 29, 2016

Relationship Tip Bonus #1 of 2: Request vs. Expect

Have you noticed how hard it can be to read someone else’s mind—or have someone read yours? Have you ever tried to guess what someone wanted—and guessed wrong? The difficulty comes when we are expected automatically to know what someone else wants. The remedy is to make a request for what you want.

When you request, you ask for what you want in a direct and specific manner. When you just expect something, you don't say anything or perhaps drop some hints and hope you get what you expect.

Very few people are able to second guess or read minds when it comes to giving you what you want, be it in material things or relationships. In getting what you want, sometimes the magic happens and you actually get it without asking. To get what really want, most of us have to ask, and be specific or risk getting the wrong size, wrong color or wrong thing altogether. If you have a relationship with someone who always seems to know what you want, be very thankful and appreciative of this person.

If you prefer to be treated in a certain way, request it. If you want to have something specific, request it. If you want a certain level of respect and attention or you want certain things to start, stop or change: request it. Don't rely on others to somehow "just know." There is something of an art to requesting what you really want, and you have to develop a polite and respectful way to ask.

How will you request what you want in such a way to get it? How will others view you when you request and they don't have to guess? Who will you be when you get what you want?

Request vs. Expect. See the video at:

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