Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Does President Donald Trump Fit the Profile of the True Entrepreneur?

Have you ever thought that President Trump might have things in common with some of the great men in US History—like Andrew Carnegie, Alexander Hamilton, William Penn and even Christopher Columbus?
They all have a significant number of characteristics of the TRUE Entrepreneur. But first, I want to make a distinction between a business entrepreneur and what I call the True Entrepreneur.

The Business Entrepreneur does due diligence before jumping into a business. They do research, some feasibility study and a biz plan before they decide to jump.

A TRUE entrepreneur sees a problem or a detail that others tend to miss, and they can jump in and create a multi-million dollar business from it, or fail with great gusto. It’s been speculated that about 13% of the US population are True E’s.
There is a list of characteristics that include:
  • Filled with energy
  • Flooded with ideas
  • Driven, restless, and unable to keep still
  • Channels his energy into the achievement of wildly grand ambitions
  • Feels brilliant, special, chosen, perhaps even destined to change the world
  • Acts out sexually
And there are 10 others in the list (see video for complete list A significant number of these characteristics fit many great leaders in our history, you can decide how many of these characteristics fit President Trump.

As an Executive and Life Coach since 2001, I’ve coached a lot of entrepreneurs, and I can add a few things to this list.

The TRUE Entrepreneur
  • Always plays to win, and they hate to lose. It’s not unusual that hating to lose is often a bigger motivator than winning. 
NOTE that some would observe that in the recent decades, our country shifted from an attitude of playing to win to an attitude of “playing not to lose.” Think of this difference: If you’re playing to win, how will you play the game, if you’re playing not to lose, how will you play the game?
  • The true E can be unpredictable. They like to stir the pot to see what comes to the surface. They enjoy change, and if you talk to people who work for a true E, you often hear things like, “if he’d just stay out of the office/store/shop we could run it just fine—he screws up the system every time he comes in the door.” They live on the edge, and they love it because, WOW what a view!
  • You have to listen carefully because they talk in order to think. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they’ve reached a conclusion when they are really talking in order to process the situation. Don’t make the mistake of thinking a conclusion is final when new information, insights or ideas can turn things completely around.
  • They think BIG, they exaggerate, they speak as if their ideas are already a done deal, they juggle everything—it’s part of the spark that keeps them going.
  • The True E is messy. They thrive in chaos. They create chaos. They can be both the arsonist and the fireman. They bog down in details. They hate doing paperwork. Details are best left to those who are good at handling details.
  • Relationships suffer because it can be difficult to keep up with a True E.
  • They are not crazy, the True E just sees things differently. Where the average person sees a closed door and high risk, the true E sees opportunity and possibility, and they do not shy away from taking a calculated risk, or acting on a gut feeling.
  • They value speed and control over quality and accuracy, and tend to be good at damage control when they make mistakes. Mistakes tend to be the price they pay for their education.
The big thing to remember is that the True Entrepreneurs do not come with warning labels, operator’s manuals or antidotes. Don’t expect consistency, stability and a steady pace. Remember that stress, risk and overload bring out their best. And if you have a True Entrepreneur in your life…try to enjoy the adventure.

If you want to know more about the Psychological makeup of the entrepreneur, the book I quoted earlier with the 16 characteristics is titled: The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between a Little Craziness and a Lot of Success in America by John D. Gartner, PhD

And if you are an Entrepreneur, or want to know more about working with an Entrepreneur—or if you’re already trying to work with one, you might need a coach, so get in touch with me:

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