Monday, March 20, 2017

What to Expect from President Trump - Behavioral Analysis

As an executive coach and Certified Behavioral Analyst, I see President Trump having the same profile as about 13% of our population—what I all the True Entrepreneur. You probably know an entrepreneur or salesperson with many of these same characteristics. You probably know good businesspeople who do entrepreneurial things, but they don't do it with the level of un-sanity that the True Entrepreneur uses.

Here are some of the characteristics of the True Entrepreneur. It's not the complete list, and not all True Entrepreneurs exhibit all the characteristics. Here are the ones that appear to be pretty obvious about our President Trump. 

They’re both arsonist and fireman. By starting fires, and then putting them out when they feel like it, it gives them the chance to see what’s worth saving. Expect more fires to start.

Chaos reigns—and it’s normal for them. While everyone goes crazy, they cherry-pick opportunities out of the chaos. Expect his chaos to be normal.

Conclusions are not conclusions. We think they’re done when actually they’re still processing and will make more changes. We think he puts a period, when it's more like he uses a comma. Expect a comma.

They love a challenge and they love change, so they can change things just to see how it would work. Now we’re gonna have change. Expect President Trump to keep stirring the pot.

They always play to win and to go for the opportunities they find. On the other hand, the government plays “not to lose" and prefers to slow things down, analyze the situation, explore the options, and then decide—after President Trump has already got the train on the track and gaining ground. Expect him to go for it.

Risk equals opportunity. Risk and opportunity usually go together. They engage risk that others would avoid. Expect him to take risks.

They prefer speed over accuracy. They are confident in moving ahead quickly, but need someone good at handling details and damage control. Expect speed and damage control.

Mistakes are part of the education process. They make it up as they go, they learn to recover quickly. Expect mistakes and hope for a quick recovery.

They often think of their ideas as a done deal, even if the deal never gets done. Expect him to speak of things as done, even when they’re not.

They are creative, inventive, unorthodox problem-solvers. Expect there will never be a dull moment. Their relationships will tend to be strained, and they feel like very few people understand them or the vision they have that they want to create.

These are a few of the characteristics more common to True Entrepreneurs.

The future is continuously emerging at a pace faster than many are able to adapt. True Entrepreneurs generally adapt quickly, and the future will belong to “big picture” entrepreneurs with vision who solve problems. I could say more, but you get the idea of what to expect from a True Entrepreneur—like President Trump appears to be.

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