Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Are Your Requirements for How You Want to Be Treated?

When I ask this question, most people give me a blank stare. You are used to meeting requirements of your job, your friends, your family and everyone else, but what about your own requirements? Yes, if you are reading this, YOU have requirements too. What are they—and how do you get them met?

Let’s start by identifying your own requirements. You have to know what these are if you are going to be sure they are being met. Here is a list to use as a starting place for your own list. Knowing your own requirements is a first step in communicating and getting them met.

To be respected
To be heard
To be loved
To adventure
To have peace
To serve others
To succeed
To make money
To have quality, nice things
To be healthy
To be happy
To improve yourself
To be appreciated
To have status and recognition
To lead
To learn
To create
To decide
To discover
To have fun
To be faithful
To have faith
To be important
To have space
To have good friends
To contribute
To make a difference
To work hard
To play hard
To belong
To achieve your mission
To have choices
To be free
To be generous
To seek God/spiritual depth

What would you add to your own list?
Now that you are thinking about your own requirements note that you might need changes your relationships, your job, your business, and other areas of your life. This can take some strategizing and involve taking risks. It can take several steps between here and there. First, make your list of requirements. Then consider what you need to do to get them met without compromising your standards.