Sunday, September 11, 2011

Salute to the Business Owner and Entrepreneur

There are many words to describe being a business owner and entrepreneur. You might have to fill every role from boss to slave. You are free to do as you will, but are bound by rules and responsibilities. You have tremendous dreams and creative ideas, but not enough time and resources to make them all come true. You bear all the risks of losing everything you’ve invested and gained, but must make sure employees and taxes are paid whether you get paid or not.
One day you might wake up and realize you did not create a business, you created a job from which there is no escape. You cannot afford to get sick or take time off without the business suffering.
Another day you might see that sales are up and things are running smoothly, and then you realize you have won the battle of business, but lost the war for your soul. Nobody really knows you, it can feel like you are very much alone.
You do your best, you provide jobs, you contribute to the community in many different ways. And if you are successful, there is always someone ready to steal your success and rob you of what you have rightfully earned. I understand that being a business owner can be hard. I appreciate what you do and the sacrifices you have made. 
I would love to hear your stories of struggle and success if you care to share. Others are encouraged by seeing they are not the only one.