Monday, December 26, 2011

Profile of the True Entrepreneur

True Entrepreneurs create jobs where people can work and have a normal life, but they themselves live on the edge (where they prefer the view). They are driven to be free, control their own destiny, call their own shots, and create a successful business that supports their dreams and creativity.

True Entrepreneurs see opportunities others miss. They risk, fail and rise again until they achieve their destiny. They always stir the pot and push the edge. The security and consistency most people desire can be boring to them.

They have no guarantees of success. Nobody provides a bailout for their failures. They cannot collect unemployment. They often feel alone and misunderstood. Their lives and their relationships tend to be messy. They get bogged down in details.

It's easy to see successful ones like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. It's harder to see the home-town entrepreneurs who start their business locally, often on a hunch and a prayer. They need our support.  
True Entrepreneurs are driven to push the edge of what is possible and win. When they win, we win with more jobs, tax revenues and money to go around. Find and support your local Entrepreneurs.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Responsibility vs. Accountability, Leading vs. Simply Being in the Lead

I have heard it said that your responsibilities always outweigh your rights. I believe this. Without engaging your responsibilities, you eventually lose your rights and often wind up being led by people who are less qualified to lead and who have selfish or ulterior motives.

I'd like to make a distinction between responsibility vs. accountability. Responsible is when it is your duty to perform certain actions or tasks in a competent and reliable manner. Accountable is when you are held liable for the outcome of certain actions or tasks. I look at it with the question: You are responsible to do, and accountable to who?

There is also a distinction between leadership vs. being in the lead. If you are simply in the lead, then others are happy to pass you or bump you out of the way. If you are a leader, then you are the kind of person others will want to follow.

A leader is responsible to get things done, but what about accountability? Where do the followers and leaders fit into the responsibility+accountability+leadership circle?