Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mystery of the Month: Look Up in the Sky!

Why do the planes keep coming back? Again and again.

When they started years ago, nobody thought anything about it. A plane would fly over and the long white condensation trail would stream out behind and disappear a couple of minutes later. These white trails were water vapor, and they called them contrails for short. But then things changed. The planes came more frequently. They made patterns across the sky. Some days you could count a dozen contrails across the sky, but these contrails did not disappear, they persisted, sometimes for hours.

Then the reports started coming. People complaining about their health. Scientists finding unexplainable chemicals in the atmosphere above and the soil below. Crops failing where they used to grow abundantly. The planes could be seen in the skies all over the world, along with the exclamations of "Conspiracy theory!" Instead of contrails, they started calling them chemtrails. It's up to you to decide what's real and what's not, and the fate of the world could hang on your decision.

When you google the word chemtrails, you get results that would make for a great science fiction movie—the images you google raise questions too. Are chemtrails real or crazy, a global conspiracy for climate control or simply persistent condensation trails? And why do the planes keep coming back again, and again? What do you think?

Introduction to Attraction

Are you happy with what you already attract into your life?
    At one extreme are the folks who have nothing but the best of luck. They attract the perfect job, the perfect spouse, have great kids and solid friends. They attract successful financial options, and their problems bring them opportunities. They start every day with a liberal dose of problem repellent (Whew!) Note that they still have problems, but the problems are handily handled.

    At the other extreme, have you noticed how some people are always having problems? They can simply walk down the sidewalk, and the piano falls on their heads. It’s like they carry a problem magnet wherever they go. Sometimes the problem is not really their problem and they take it anyway. How much more do they cause their own problems without even being aware of doing so?

    Most of us live between these extremes in our daily journey. When we have a bit of good fortune, it’s like the saying that, “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then!”

    Of all the principles of attraction, you only need to develop a few to change what you attract. How do you attract more of the good stuff into your life? How do you become a teflon-coated, problem-free zone where problems get handled and don’t stick?

    Start by noticing what you already attract. You already attract something. How much of a problem magnet are you? How much problem repellent do you use?

To stop:
  • Politely stop picking up troublesome extra problems that drain you and are not really yours to solve. Don’t you have your own share already? The more problems you pick up, the more you tend to attract.
  • Stop over-committing. Learn to say, “No, thank-you.”
  • Sometimes the best reason not to do something is that you don’t want to do it.

To start: Questions to be asking yourself:
  • What do you want to attract into your life? Start noticing, make notes.
  • If you don’t know what you want to attract, how do you find out?
  • As you think of these things, can you add them to a written list?

Discern where you actually have some control. In situations where you don’t have any control do you get involved and waste your efforts?