Thursday, May 30, 2013

Amazing Healing from Degenerating Back Condition

I know this will sound crazy, but the man is now three inches taller, and his no-longer-aching back is in fine shape. His doctor said, "What did you do? Whatever it is, keep doing it."

Mark Pegram had a variety of very serious chronic diseases and back pain. As a Professional Engineer, he is used to digging into problems, dealing with lots of details, and figuring out how to solve complicated challenges. After two unsatisfactory back surgeries, he felt that there must be a better way.  By study, trial and error, he developed a regimen that restored his health, kept him well, and eliminated the pain and brain fog that clouded his ability to think.

While in his 50’s, some of the problems he recovered from include:
·       Degenerative disc disease so severe that he had shrunk over an inch in height (and now gained three inches of height)
·       Suffered pain for more two decades from the nerves in his back being pinched
·       Sleep apnea that threatened to end his life within 18 months
·       High blood pressure

—Mark has gone to his doctors and they have verified his recovery.

Mark's wife is the Director of a large hospital lab, and he has other relatives in the pharmaceutical industry. They have watched his recovery as he spent thousands of hours and dollars to discover what would work and what would not. They have stories.

I am starting to develop a seminar with Mark so others will have the chance to benefit from his experience. I have had back pain and problems for decades and am giving Mark's process a personal tryout, I want to avoid surgery myself if possible. Will let you know how well it works. Let me know if you'd be interested in the seminar. Mark's info-rich blog is:

Attraction Factor 4: Build a Super Reserve in Every Area

You never know what is enough, until you know what is more than enough. –William Blake

You know what it’s like to run out of something you need. Not enough time, money, love, friends, battery power and on and on. What do you run out of? How would you feel to know that you have more than enough reserves to handle it?

How attractive is it to run out of what you need, or not to have what you need in the first place? Not very attractive.

I once agreed to help a friend with his display at a business expo. I arrived with a tool box and a fresh roll of duct tape, and within an hour I became the most attractive person in the meeting hall. “Yes, you can use my duct tape, but don’t make me have to come looking for you to get it back. No, I don’t loan my tools out, but if you need something, I bring my toolbox and you tell me what you need done.” I had massive and generous reserves of what everybody needed that day, and it paid off!

When you have more reserves than you need, you have less fear. You become more of a saver and less of a spender. You steer away from situations and people that drain you. You more often find yourself “at choice” instead of “at crisis.” Start thinking of how you can identify and create reserves for your life.

Actions to consider:
Pick a single area in which you can develop a huge reserve in within a week. Once you've done that, double that amount of the reserve. Why? Because simply having 'more than enough' is not a real reserve.

Identify and remove what is draining a reserve you already have. Building a reserve is one part adding/acquiring and it's one part reducing the loss/plugging the holes.

Get your Personal Needs met. Unmet Personal Needs are like holes in your cup. No matter how much you pour in the cup (reserve), it eventually leaks out. Plug the holes and your reserve will develop faster.

Handle the money.
Handle the money either by increasing your income, decreasing your expenses or both. It takes courage. Simplify. The resulting Reserve is worth it.