Thursday, July 31, 2014

Be Happy Or…

I learned this from the Smith's at church. They have taught their children this amazing line, and if you ask either of their teenagers what their Mom says about happiness, they both repeat back verbatim:

"Happiness is a decision. Go to your room, and when you decide to be happy, you can come back out."

How many things are like this? We get grumpy, mad, difficult to get along with, gossipy, complaining, etc. What if you went to your room and didn't come out until you decided to be happy?

Yes, I know there are things that ruin our cornflakes on a daily basis, but do those things have to take all the happiness out of your life?

Really, you have an opportunity here to change the way things are. You can be a gentle force to stop the whining, stop the complaining, decide to be happy and see what positives might come your way.

Fix Your Aching Joints?

Simply amazing and cheap. Do you have creaky knees and achy joints? Here is a home remedy I'm using, but it took a few days to work. Again, this is a home remedy with no research or testing behind it.

Take a tablespoon of unflavored gelatin per day for two weeks, then a tablespoon of unflavored gelatin every other day thereafter.

I bought a box of it at the grocery store for $1.50, next to the flavored Jello gelatins. I tried it for a week and by the forth day I was bouncing up the stairs without thinking about my creaky knees. Wow. 

I put it in smoothies, on salads, in drinks—note that i stopped putting it in my hot tea because the gelatin kept coating the hot spoon. After a week, I bought a one-pound box of this stuff on, and instead of doing a tbsp every other day, I sprinkle some on my scrambled egg each morning just before it's done cooking. So far, so good.

If you'd like some other home remedy ideas, take a look at

Your Money Is Your Life

Some of you know that I have been studying how money works. We have a fiat money system (not tied to anything of value like gold or silver) that is backed by debt and the faith and credit of the United States. What is the value of money, and why do we need the debt?

In essence, we have already agreed that the value of a dollar is whatever we agree it is to buy our groceries, pay the rent and fulfill our debts and obligations.

Today it doesn’t really matter that our money be tied to gold or anything else. Your paycheck represents your labor, your life and what you had to give of yourself to get something back that we call a dollar. Isn’t this the true value of money? It represents your life.

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